The Arena Group is a management service group dedicated to providing centralized services for child care providers.


As a leader, have you ever felt alone? Alone in your thought processes, alone in your decision making? It can feel like you are standing in the arena alone getting judged and critiqued. Leadership is hard work and not for the faint hearted. Leadership, especially in the educational spaces, does not have to be lonely. We are in the arena with you. We have your back.


Leaders define culture, but learning to lead effectively is a process. We work with leaders/managers/directors to gain effective leadership skills and to learn to lead effective teams. 

System change management - changing a system requires planning, confidence, and grit! If you think the organizational system needs to change, confidently learn how to create a plan, communicate it well, and move toward alignment.


Through a series of monthly workshops, we will work with teams to help build skills in communication, collaboration, and change management.​


Have a training or professional development day planned? We can facilitate up to 2 hour on-site training sessions. Our training sessions can be customized to fit your needs. 


We’d love to be considered for your next conference! Hosting a conference and need some inspiring leadership work? We’ve got you covered.